Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Week 11 Progress Report

I can only say that last week was an ok training week. I allowed myself some slack because I just came off of a recovery week and my intention is to ramp up each week for three weeks, before I have another recovery week, so I have to leave myself some room. Here is a rundown of my training for the week:

Monday: 5 mile run, 65 minutes.

Tuesday: Swam 2000 meters, 60 minutes; Spin 60 minutes

Wednesday: Ran 4.5 miles of intervals in 60 minutes around the neighborhood.

Thursday: Slept in and missed my swim. I also had to work late, so I missed my spin class. I felt like a total slacker!

Friday: Swim 2000 meters. I am getting a bit troubled by the fact that the distance I can cover in 60 minutes is not increasing. I feel like I am swimming better, but the clock is telling me that I am not swimming any faster. Either I need to take some classes and get some coaching, or perhaps I am just not pushing myself hard enough. I probably should add in more sprints. I do sprints, but probably not enough, as I have been focusing on long endurance sets.

Saturday: I felt pretty bad on my run. I only lasted 47 minutes and 3.5 miles. I think I have been lacking in the nutrition department. Lately I have been working more and have not been able to prepare meals for myself, which means that I stop off at the drive through. I do tend to make more healthy choices, but if you eat too much of that stuff, even the more healthy items will do a number on you.

Sunday: I had a great ride of about 26 miles in two hours. I could have gone longer, but like I said earlier, I have to leave some more room in the training plan to build intensity and length during the next few weeks.

My weight has been dropping rapidly in the last few days. As of Monday I was 246 pounds. I think it may have been the bike ride, but I also think it is mostly water, as my body fat percentage has actually increased to 35%. Today, I am actually 244 pounds.

I have already started week 12, but it has not gone so smoothly. I had a rest day on Monday even though I do not feel I deserved one. Since I ended up not training on last Thursday, I really should have run on Monday, but I am running out of things to wear. My suits are getting way too big around the waist, so I took four suits in to the tailor on Monday morning, so I would have something to wear to work.

Tuesday, I swam, but it was crowded. A bunch of "head bobbers" just jump into my lane. That is what I call these senior citizens who supposedly are swimming, but actually are just standing in the water socializing. They do not even stay to one side and fan their arms out when they tread water, taking up the whole lane. So I had to swim around and through them for almost the entire hour. No sprints were possible. I also had to miss my spin class, because I couldn't get away from work. Not only that, but because I did not get home till a few hours past my normal bedtime, I was too beat to get up and train this morning. I spent some time with my wife and daughter instead and hopefully can get in a run or something tonight. We will see.

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