Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week 1 Progress Report

Week 1 is done. One down, and 19 more to go! I'm following the beginner's plan at SlowTwitch. The plan is a 21 week plan, but think my first Tri will be the San Diego Int'l Triathalon (subject to change folks!) and that is in 19 weeks. The goal this week was to focus on cardio capacity while running. This is what I did:

Monday: Ran 45 minutes, 3.27 miles, Ave. Heart Rate 140, Incline: 0
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Ran Intervals 45 minutes, 3.3 miles, Ave. Heart Rate 145, Incline: 0
Thurday: Rest
Friday: Ran 45 Minutes, 3.4, Ave. Heart Rate 150, Incline: 1
Saturday: Ran Intervals 20 min, Straight Run 35 min, 3.5 miles, Ave. HR 150, Incline: 1
Sunday: Rest

I can already see some improvement which I am excited about. I'm slowly getting faster and can sustain a higher heart rate without crashing. I should also put out some other stats regarding my over all fitness.

Body Weight: 262 lbs.
Percent Body Fat: 38%

When I started this training program I was 265 and 39% body fat, so that is a small but noticable improvement. I'm not sure what my resting HR was, but I'm going to want to track that in the future. Here are the new goals for the week.

Monday: Run 35 minutes
Tuesday: Run 35 minutes
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run 35 minutes
Friday: Run 35 minutes
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run 50 minutes

There is going to be fewer rest days this week, so I'm lowing the time for each run. The times are actually already over the Slowtwitch plan numbers, but 20 minutes seems too little. The fewer rest days will also help to prepare me for week three were I will introduce swimming, and will only have one rest day each week.

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