Monday, April 17, 2006

Week 9 Progress Report

I had another good week of training. I was able to accomplish most of what I had planned, but I did miss a run and a swim. On the up side I had a really nice long bike ride. Here is a complete rundown of the past week:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: I swam 2200 meters. 8x50 warm up, 12x50 pull buoy, 8x50 sprints, 400 straight, and 8x50 cool down. In the future I need to lengthen my straight set to at least 1000 meters, and I'll probably do it before the sprints as well. I also had a spin class for 60 minutes with my heart rate averaging 149 bpm.

Wednesday: I ran intervals for 60 minutes, totaling 4.4 miles. Maximum speed was 6.2 mph.

Thursday: Because of my shoe mix-up I lost a day of training. I also found out that the cleats I had on my bike shoes do not work with my new pedals.

Friday: Swam 2200 meters, and finished the day with another 60 minute spin class, with a heart rate average of 144 bpm.

Saturday: Ran 5.1 miles! I was really happy with this because I have never run that far before even though I felt really slow. It took me 70 minutes, with an average speed of 4.3 mph. I should have done a swim that night, but my cough was getting worse. I decided to get to bed early and have a good bike ride the next day.

Sunday: I rode for 2.5 hours. It took some neighborhood streets out to Arcadia, where I met the Upper Rio Hondo Bike Trail. The trail goes all the way down to the LA River, but I only went as far as Wittier Narrows Park. I tried out my new arm warmers. I cannot say I was actually warm, but I was not freezing cold. My speed sensor was not working so I do not know the exact mileage, but based on a Google maps estimate, I think it was around 28 miles. Not fast to be sure, but I was pedaling the whole way. Spin classes have really helped my legs learn to not stop.

In the weight department I have broken the 250 pound barrier:

Weight: 249.5 lbs. (down from 264)
Body Fat: 34% (down from 39%)

Next week will be a "rest week." I will cut back a little on duration and intensity, and start up strong again the following week.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Morning swim 45 minutes
Wednesday: Spin class 60 minutes
Thursday: Run 45 minutes
Friday: Swim 45 minutes
Saturday: Run 60 minutes
Sunday: 2 hour bike ride

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