Friday, April 14, 2006

Breaking the Weight Barrier

When I jumped on the scale this morning I was pleasantly surprised with a new low number. 251 pounds! That is the lowest I have weighed in many years. 250 is a huge psychological boundary for me. Several years back, after ballooning to 280 pounds I went on a few diets. One was a low fat diet using the DietPower software that I am using now, and another was a low-carb Atkins style diet. I lost nearly thirty pounds on each of those diets, getting close to 250 pounds, but I never could seem to break into the '40s. I can almost taste it now. I am on the cusp and it feels awesome.

I did not get to run last night. I rather spend the time with my two year old daughter. She had a big story to tell me about her day. Since she is just two, she doesn't know many words she makes them up, so I did not really understand what she was saying, but just from her facial expressions and arm motions it was obviously quite an adventure that she had. We played for a while, and then I tucked her into bed and then I crashed.

This morning I did my hour swim, but my form was pretty awful. I still was able to finish 2200 meter in 60 minutes, but I really had to work for it. I noticed that when I got out of my car as I headed to the office I could barely lift my arms. I am going to take a spin class tonight and then it is running and swimming tomorrow. Easter morning will be spent on the bike. Hopefully it will not rain.

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Anonymous Dan Field said...

Wow, I'm starting to feel more fit just reading your blog...

Way to go, Paul! That's a significant drop. I'll bet it shows! What does Brenda think?

Are you having any wardrobe issues yet now that you're trimming down?

My own cardio sessions are on hold until I get a carotid doppler on Tuesday. I've been getting a pulsing neck pain when I get my heart rate up, now for over a month, and it's been getting a bit worse.

12:31 PM  

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