Monday, April 03, 2006

Week 7 Progress Report

Week 7 already! Wow, time is just flying by. I thought I had plenty of time to prepare for my first tri, and now I'm getting nervous. I have made progress, but I have also had nearly two weeks of training wiped out because of sickness and other health issues. Here is what I was able to salvage from this past week:

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday through Friday: Sick!

Saturday: I was hoping to get in two workouts on Saturday, one in the morning and another in the evening, just to help makeup for the whole week of missed training. Unfortunately I was too busy with family stuff, and it was raining pretty hard. But I did get a short nap, which is helping me make it over the tail end of my sickness. Because it was raining, I decided to skip the outdoor pool and go for a run on the treadmill. I did intervals for an hour. One thing I was surprised at was that I could easily run 5.8 miles per hour. Before training, I do not think I could run that fast. Ok, "fast" is an overstatement, but you know what I mean. Next time I do intervals I am going to see if I can push it over 6.2 mph.

Sunday: I had a miserable ride on my bike for an hour and a half. Biking comfortably is all about having the right equipment. I still have not been able to get a decent bike pump. Part of it is indecision on what kind of pump I want to get, but mostly it is just lack of time. I have time to buy groceries for the week or get a bike pump. I chose to be able to eat. So my rear wheel was under inflated which was just miserable and caused me to cut he ride short. I was concerned that I might pinch a hole in the tire. I also was freezing cold. I don't have any leg or arm covers, and was just out there in a short sleeve jersey and cycling shorts. With the wind over my arms they get very, very cold.

I had some problems with my heart rate monitor too. For some reason the signal for my heart rate keeps going in and out. The speed sensor is working well, and the cadence sensor worked intermittently, which was better than last time. Supposedly, you can increase the signal for the speed and cadence sensors by moving a jumper on the cucuit board. When I got back I took the cadence sensor apart and moved the jumper, so we will see if that fixes the problem. To anyone else who tries this, a word of warning. Be careful to not strip the screws. They require a much smaller screwdriver than they appear that they should. As far as the heart rate sensor, I think I may need to try some heart rate monitor gel or replace the battery.

While I was sick I actually started to gain a few pounds, but the weekend exercise pushed my weight down again. Here are my other stats:

Weight: 252.5 lbs. (down from 264)
Body Fat: 35% (down from 39%)

For next week, I have a tough schedule planned. I guess I need to make up for lost time.

Monday: Run 60 minutes
Tuesday: Morning swim 60 minutes, Evening Spin Class 60 minutes
Wednesday: Run Intervals 60 minutes
Thursday: Morning swim intervals 40 minutes, Evening Spin Class 60 minutes
Friday: Run 60 minutes
Saturday: Bike ride, 120 minutes
Sunday: Morning Swim, 60 minutes, Evening Run Intervals 60 minutes

It looks tough folks, but I have a rest day to look forward to next Monday. Of course I ahve other things that I need to do, such as get a decent bike pump. I should also finally decide on what bike shoes and pedals to get, and firm up my race plans. I need to sign up soon, before they fill up.

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