Monday, March 20, 2006

Terrible Run This Morning

This morning I went to the gym as usual, and tried to go for a run. My heart rate refused to go over 130 and I started to get some pressure in my chest. I slowed it down to a fast walk and focused on my breathing and got my heart rate down to 120, and then I was ok. I tried to start jogging again, but I would have the same problem. I decided after 20 minutes that my body needs a break, so I stopped my workout early.

I'm a little at a loss for what went wrong. I think this sort of thing is usually a sign of over-training, but last week wasn't very hard. In fact, I had two rest days last week, and my calorie intake over the weekend was pretty high. Sunday was not a hard day either. Saturday was more intense, but not much more than what I have been doing in the last few weeks.

Other possibilities are sleep and dehydration. I did go to bed late last night. I think I have been drinking enough water, but my fat percentage was a bit high on the scale today, which for me is usually a sign of dehydration. So today, I'm going to drink lots of water and get to bed early and see how tomorrow goes. Tomorrow, is my first day cycling.

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