Friday, March 03, 2006

DietPower Update

I think today will be the first day back training. I felt ok this morning. I still have some lingering congestion, but my chest feels ok. I'm going to try a swim after work today and see how it goes. If I can also work out Saturday and Sunday, I can get a total of three workouts in, and this week won't be a total loss.

Even without exercising I still have made progress on losing some dead weight. I have been reporting my food intake for the last week and a half. On days that I don't train my calorie budget is less, but still doable. Here is a chart of my progress.

As you can see I have been beating my goals and have eaten less that my target giving me a bank of saved calories. The software has recognized this and is compensating by increasing my daily budget to keep me on track.

Here is a nutrition analysis:

You can see that my sodium intake is too high. I tend to eat quite a bit of soup, which has a lot of salt. My fat intake is good, and my protein consumption is good (perhaps could use a little boost.) Overall I would say it is pretty good.

So far I have mostly been able to stay away from fast food, which really is my Achilles heal. It has been difficult to come up with the time to pack my lunches (and since I tend to work late, dinners too), but it has to be done. It really is the only way to consistently eat right.

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