Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Inspiration from Buddha

I'm still sick, but I figured I would try to stick with the humpday inspirational quote.

"Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes."
Buddha (Gautama Buddha)

I felt a little strange yesterday, because here I was feeling terrible, but wanting to go out and run a few miles. I have never had motivation to get out and exercise like I do now. I was hoping I could get to the pool this afternoon, but now I'm developing a cough. Ugh!

In other news, I purchased a new Polar HR monitor. It has all kinds of bells and wistles and will provide lots of charts and graphs for this blog. When it arrives in the mail, I'll do a full profile.

Since I'm not out training I have also spent more time on the web, getting ideas for training strategy. One great site is named aptly enough as Beginner Triathelete. The site has good acticles on training, memoirs on first triathlons, and has useful tools such as training logs and training plans, all available free of charge. But probably the best resource on the site is the forum. There is a wealth of information, and the people are really nice. Check it out.

Another site that has lots of great content is Men's Health Magazine. I have been a subscriber for years, and give full credit to the magazine for keeping my mind on fitness even when I didn't actually take the actions to be fit. I think of it as a little reminder each month to get back to business. On their webpage they have a channel devoted to triathlons. There are plenty of good articles on training, nutrition and how to get started. There is also a small forum for triathletes where you can get advice and cheer each other on.

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