Sunday, March 05, 2006

Week 3 Progress Report

Today, I got in my first swim. The pool at my health club is outdoors, and it was cold early in the morning, but fortunately the pool is very well heated. I was expecting to have problems with my kicking, but it was ok. As long as I don't try to get too much propulsion out of them they do just fine. I try to not kick too fast. I need just enough to keep my legs from sinking and my body balanced.

Where I do seem to have a problem is my breathing. I'm supposed to roll from side to side and then take breaths as I roll. But I seem to only be able to roll effectively to the left and breath on that side. Next week I will have to focus on proper rolling and breathing on both sides.

Because I was sick for most of this week, I'm not going to move on to the next week on my plan. I will just repeat my original plan for week three. I did run for 3 miles yesterday, so that gives me a running total of 34.24 miles. Here are my other stats:

Weight: 256.5 lbs. (down from 264)
Body Fat: 36% (down from 39%)

My new polar heart rate monitor should arrive in a few days!

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