Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Good Swim

I had a good swim this morning. During the week I usually go to a gym near my work. It has an indoor pool, which is good because it has been raining lately. It wasn't crowded this morning. Sometimes the pool is overrun with mobs of senior citizens who do aqua walking. They tend to spread out over the pool and don't always have the courtesy to leave some lanes to the lap swimmers. But today I shared a lane with two other lap swimmers who were about the same speed as me, so that was very pleasant.

I tried a new exercise today which involves swimming with a closed fist. Since you cannot use your hands to push through the water, you have to use your forearms. It helps you get a sense of proper arm position, and I think it was very helpful. It is also useful when you come up upon a slower swimmer (imagine that, a slower swimmer than me!) and do not want to pass.

I worked on breathing on the right side. It is still difficult for me to maintain my balance and breath on the right. My head seems to pop up, and then my legs sink. When I roll to the right my legs start flopping around, and it is a big mess. Well, I still got in 16 laps.

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