Monday, March 13, 2006

Week 4 Progress Report

This week I got back in the saddle in a major way after a weak last year. I stuck very close to my planned schedule. I was able to complete all the workouts and even swam extra laps on Thursday and Saturday. I wasn't feeling very motivated this morning, and I kept telling myself that today would be a rest day, but next think you know I am in the gym on the treadmill. This has never happened to me before. Has training become a habit? This is very encouraging.
For swimming I focused on getting balanced with kicking and my breathing. I'm still not totally comfortable breathing on my right, but it is getting better. I'm comfortable with kicking. I swam more laps than I had planned. I actually probably swam more than I recorded, but I kept forgetting which lap I'm on. I swam at least 1000 meters on Sunday, so that is my goal for swim sessions this week. I am going to start adding drills from Total Immersion. I'll give more details on a post next week.
On the running side I am still building my base. The great news is that I am starting to see progress on my speed. I can maintain a 5.5 mph speed for 20 minutes without busting my target heart rate zone (that is with a 1% incline).

This week I ran 14.58 miles which brings my total to 48.82. I also swam 2700 meters which brings total meters to 3300.

For next week, in addition to increasing my swimming distance to 1000 meters, I am also adding in another swim. This means I have to run and swim on the same day. This will be my first brick! A brick is a training session where you do two sports back to back. To make it more reasonable I cut back the laps on that day and will run for only 30 minutes. Even so, it is still going to be rough.

Monday: Run 40 minutes
Tuesday: Swim 1000 meters
Wednesday: Run 60 minutes
Thursday: Swim 1000 meters
Friday: Run 60 minutes (intervals)
Saturday: Swim 1000 meters
Sunday: Swim 800/Run 30 minutes

I received my new polar heart rate monitor! It is one fabulous gadget, but it is taking a while to figure out. I will post details next week. Stay tuned.

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