Sunday, March 19, 2006

Week 5 Progress Report

This week I continued to build on my swim. I have been slowly adding laps and worked up to 24 laps today. I even did a sprint lap and was surprised at how fast I can go. Unfortunately, I cannot sustain the speed for even a whole lap. My stroke is getting better, particularly with the entry of my arm into the water. It seems that when I get it right I am sliding through the water. Even my kick has improved. I still need to work on rolling my hips. I can roll left ok, but not right.

Running has gotten a bit more fun. I have done a couple of runs around the neighborhood, rather than the treadmill. The upside, is the varied terrain and nice change of inclines. The downside, is that I'm running on asphalt and concrete, which is harder on my legs. I tried to use my Polar HR Monitor to do some interval training, but somehow my warm up period was set at 50 minutes. I tried to reprogram it, but it just takes too long. The best thing to do is program the interval on the PC and then download the information the monitor. This is what I thought I did, but apparently the programming did not take.

I hadn't scheduled any rest days, but decided to take one on Wednesday, because of things I need to get done at the office. I was ok with that decision, but then on Friday I had to take a day off, because I slept through my alarm and had prior commitments in the afternoon. This made me really regret taking the rest day. I tried to make up for it, by swimming and running on Saturday.

Here is a rundown of what I did on week 5:
Monday: Ran 33 minutes, 2.55 miles
Tuesday: Swam 22 laps, mostly straight with only a few stops
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Ran 43 minutes, 3.1 miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Swam 22 laps, Ran 42 minutes, 3.0 miles
Sunday: Swam 24 laps

I have stopped losing weight. Even my body fat percentage stopped going down. I probably have been eating too much, but in he mirror it looks like I'm still losing. Here is my weight info:

Weight: 256.5 lbs. (down from 264)
Body Fat: 37% (down from 39%)

Next week I start Cycling. Here is my plan for the coming week:
Monday: Run 40 minutes
Tuesday: Spin 30 minutes
Wednesday: Swim 1400 meters
Thursday: Run 60 minutes
Friday: Spin 45 minutes
Saturday: Swim 1400 meters
Sunday: Swim 1200 meters, Run 45 minutes

I tried to fit more in there, but the schedule is tight. I'm still debating about rest days.

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