Sunday, April 30, 2006

Biking the Rose Bowl

Today I thought I would try a different bike route for my "long" ride. I had heard that there were usually quite a few bikers up by the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. There is a road that circles the bowl which is around 3 miles. The Pasadena Triathlon Club has a weekly brick there on Wednesdays, so I thought I should check it out. I took Arroyo road up to the bowl, which was a nice choice. The route is mostly shaded, there is little cross traffic, and it is a nice shallow climb, which is good for a beginner like me.

When I got there at around 8:30AM I was surprised to see so many people. There were a few people on bikes, but mostly runners and walkers. There had to be a few hundred of them. It is really encouraging to see so many people getting into exercising. I did four laps around the bowl and then headed home. I was surprised that there were not that many bike out there, but perhaps it was not the right time. I did see few packs of bikers arriving as I was leaving. Total mileage: 26, time: 115 minutes.

I was excited to see that my speed and cadence sensors for my Polar S625x heart rate monitor were finally working, but then my speed sensor went out mid-route. I did find out what the problem was. The magnet that trips the sensor is mounted on a spoke and it is not very secure. When I would speed up, such as when I was going downhill the magnet would shift to the edge of the wheel, and move out of the range of the sensor, I need to tighten it, or try another magnet.

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