Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flipturn Madness

I had an appointment with an electrician this morning, so I decided to swim at my local gym and wait for traffic to die down before heading to work. When I arrived, I was literally stunned to see that the pool was empty. Totally empty. Awesome! The water was quite beautiful with a mist rising into the air. I think it was all a bit overwhelming, because I got this crazy idea to do just one long straight swim without stopping. My flipturn needs a lot of work, but you do not get better without practice, and without other people there I did not have to worry about running into someone or splashing them. So I decided to go for it.

The first 20 laps went quite well, I had a good pace, and it seemed that I was gliding through the water pretty well. One thing that I noticed is that when there is no one else around you really can hear yourself swim. There is the boom of the kick as the foot presses against the water and the rush of water as the arm goes through the catch. I think it really helped keep up my form.

At lap 35 I ran into a snag. The flipturn dislodged my swim cap which moved my goggles enough to allow water to flow in, and it popped out one of my ear plugs. I tried to swim through it and get at least to the end of the pool, but then my cap came completely off. After readjusting everything, I did 5 more laps. So I did a total of 2000 meters in about 63 minutes. Definitely not fast, but I did 1750 meters straight through. That is 1.09 miles!

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