Saturday, May 13, 2006

Family Outing

The wife was not too happy that last weekend, when I had to go into work both Saturday and Sunday, I spent my remaining time training instead of with her, or at least a good portion of it. So for my run today I brought the whole family along. We went to a local park where I ran around a fitness track, and my wife pushed the baby in a stroller. Every time I lapped them, my daughter would call out, "look Daddy!" So that was fun. I got a good run in, but I had a hard time keeping my heart rate down. The fitness track is a one mile figure eight that is positioned north-south. It is relatively flat but there is a shallow grade running south. When I went north I couldn't really feel the grade, but it would definitely show up on my monitor. My speed would drop about .5 mph and my heart rate would shoot up 15 bpm.

Tomorrow I have a bike ride. My daughter has come down with another cold, so I'll play it conservative and just go for two hours. I think I'll head down the Rio Hondo this time.

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Blogger Bridget said...

My favorite workouts are ones where the family can come and cheer me on. I think it is so important for kids to see their parents be active from an early age. Nice job!

2:17 PM  

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