Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Sidebar Links

I want to point out a couple new sidebar links on the right under my profile. The first is my Training Peaks training log. I'm going to be using Training Peaks this season, and it generates a nice little summary of weekly and year to date workout summaries. You can also explore deeper and see the actual workouts. I suspect few people actually care about my actual workouts so I'll spare people the details in my blog and leave that in separate place. If you don't use Training Peaks and are curious about what it can do, click on the link and you can get an example of the "public training log" it can generate.

The other link is to my profile on Athlinks. Athlinks is a social networking site similar to myspace, friendster or facebook, but it is for athletes. It collects the race results of thousands of races all over the world. If you collect your races you can have a really nice summary of your race results. You can also classify others as friends or rivals. Its fun. Check it out and put me down as a friend!

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