Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back in the Saddle

So I have been away for awhile. I decided that other areas of my life, such as my family and my career need more attention, so I scaled my training hours back severely and focused more on one sport, running, since it is my greatest weakness. A couple months ago I got the great idea to do the LA Marathon to give myself a goal, but I guess I could never really commit to it. I thought maybe it would be too much of a commitment given the fact that I am supposed to be focusing on other areas of my life right now. But I tried just "working out" for a few weeks and it was really hard. I just don't have the motivation to just burn calories -- I need a goal. So I signed up for the marathon. It's official!

I also have the Rose Bowl Half Marathon in two and a half weeks. Fortunately I have been running enough to still be prepared. I did a thirteen miler this past weekend and will be in taper mode for the next two weeks.

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