Saturday, February 02, 2008

Running Update

I have this track record of doing a race and then taking forever of putting up my race reports. First I have to wait to get some photos. Then I have to write it up. By that time it is so late that I think I shouldn't even bother. Oh well. Here are a few photos of me running the Inuagural Rose Bowl Half Marathon in December.

I paced myself pretty well and gave it a good kick for the final 400 meters. I was fine for about 2 minutes after finishing and then the pain set in. The next day I could barely walk. My time was 2:19:27.

The LA Marathon is off. It was a hard choice. The Holidays messed up my training a bit, but I was getting back on track. I had a couple injuries, but I was dealing with them just fine, and then I got slamed with a chest infection and there went two weeks of training. When I started back up again I couldn't run more than 5 miles and even then my heart rate was going through the roof at even a very slow pace. I still worked at it and it is improving. but there is no way I will be ready by March 2 without really pushing myself to the extreme and risking a serious injury. So I have been trying to do more cycling lately and then my chest cold is back... I guess I should just forget early spring events from now on. My winter training just sucks!

However, I don't want to give up on the marathon goal just yet. Instead of the LA Marathon I'm thinking of doing a self supported (or rather family supported) event in April or May. That would give me enough time to get back on track and hopefully be injury and illness free.

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