Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Week 24 Progress Report

We just passed a big milestone folks! We have now had over 1000 visitors. Thanks to everyone for your support and advice. Blogging has been an incredible experience and has been an incredible source of motivation. So thanks!

This past was really great. I ended the week really tired and sore, so I must have done something right. Here's the breakdown.

Monday: Rest Day -- I didn't really need rest, but I had some business to attend to and just did not have the time to train. I am just thankful that this does not happen that often.
Tuesday: Missed my Technique Tuesdays workout in Culver City, but I was able to fit in a swim at my local gym in the AM (35 minutes - felt really good) and a PM Spin class. Way to recover!
Wednesday: Missed my ocean swim (seeing a pattern here?!), but I was able to get in an awesome run along the ocean. The good -- 7 miles in 93 minutes, the bad -- first experience with chaffing. Ouch! I have wounds on my chest, shoulders and underarms. I guess my triskin is too tight, so I have more incentive to loss weight. In the meantime, I will try some lube.
Thursday: Did 30 miles on my bike, up to the Rose Bowl and back. I was so nice to get back on the bike. Yes, my actual bike and not a spin class. I was even feeling fast.
Friday: Ocean swim for just short of a mile. More chaffing on my shoulders and neck from my triskin because I forgot the lube. I followed the swim with a trail run. It's a slow run, but a great workout for my legs.
Saturday: A well deserved rest day. I could barely walk, because my calves were so sore from the trail run. It was also a good time to rest because I wanted to have a long bike ride the following day.
Sunday: 50 miles in three hours on the bike, a new personal record both in distance and speed. I didn't even get monkey butt, just really sore legs. My HRM says I burned 2500 calories! Is that even possible?

My weight is finally going down again. I think this is a result of having better controlling my intake of nutrition and bumping up my activity level this week. I am now at 236.5 pounds (down from 264) and am at 28 percent body fat (down from 39 percent). That is 9.3 pounds of lean gained and 36.8 pounds of fat lost.

Now let's do it all over again!


Blogger Bad, Baaaad Beasley said...

What an inspiration you are! I've been toying with the idea of attempting a mini-triatholon and I've actually signed up for a marathon.

I will SURELY be back to read everything!


7:43 PM  
Blogger Myles said...

Great job on the training and weight loss! I was just wondering about you this morning on my ride in to work, wondering if you've done your first Tri yet so I popped by to check. I see it's comming up soon. Good Luck!

11:22 AM  

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