Friday, July 28, 2006

Longer and Longer

I swam with the LA Tri Club this morning in Pacific Palisades. We swam across the cove in front of Gladstone's restaurant. I was told the total distance is about 1.3 miles, but I only made it three quarters of the way before I saw everyone heading back so I think that I did just shy of a mile.

The conditions were pretty spectacular. The water was mostly warm with a few cold currents. There were a couple of dolphins that seemed to be enjoying themselves, and a seal came and checked me out while I was swimming. I noticed some dark movement on my right and thought it was another swimmer, so I lifted my head up to check it out. The seal was literally about four feet from me. He just peaked his head out of the water for a bit to check me out and then was off. I was startled at first, because I didn't expect it, but that was pretty cool.

After the swim we did a trail run. My legs were still sore from the long run on Wednesday and the bike ride on Thursday so I really had to push myself up the steep hills, and I had to slow down to a hike several times. The view at the top of the hill was incredible. I have to bring my camera one of these days.

I planned to go about 4.5 miles, so I turned around at 2.25 miles. But on the way back I missed one of the trail heads and basically got lost. I had to retrace my steps back up a steep fire road. That added another half a mile, so I did a total of 5 miles. I guess there is nothing like getting lost to add on the mileage.

So I had a longer swim and a longer run. Pretty intense. Tomorrow: Rest!


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