Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Week 22 Progress Report

Week 22 was a full week, which I haven't had for a while. My only two disappointments are that I was too tired to do my weekend bike ride, and I let my nutrition get out of control on the weekend. Otherwise I would say that I did pretty well.

Monday: AM: 1 hour treadmill run, PM: Masters Session
Tuesday: Spin/Run Brick -- 45 minutes on the Spin bike followed by a 20 minute run.
Wednesday: Xterra Ocean 101 (practiced sighting and avoiding waves)
Thursday: 1.25 hours on a Spin bike
Friday: Swim/Run brick -- Ocean swim for an hour followed by a trail run for an hour.
Saturday: Run at the park for 30 minutes
Sunday: Rest day

Today I was 239 pounds and 30 percent body fat. My weight is coming down, but not as fast as I would like. That is mostly because I am simply eating too much. My goal is to eat 2400 calories plus whatever I am burning in training. That usually totals around 2800 to 3400 calories. But I am doing 3500 to 4000 calories. I will still lose weight eating that much, but very slowly.

So far this week has not started off well. I took another rest day on Monday, even though I didn't train on Sunday. I could feel it too. I was moody and grumpy all day. But today I am going to make up for it. I had a great swim at the Culver City Plunge with the LA Tri Club. The pool is 50 meters, which is so much nicer that the 25 meter pool i Have been using at my gym. The longer length allows you to focus on drills and doing your own thing, without running into other people or stopping at the walls. Training with the club is also great because I think it makes me push myself more. I don't use my HRM when I swim so I need other gauges to measure my progress and to motivate myself. I also got some tips on how to improve my stroke, which is exactly what I needed. So I am feeling that there is some hope with my swim now, and will definately train with them again.

Today I did:
1 x 200 warmup
1 x 100
3 x 100 50 fist 50 swim
4 x 100 decending intervals
1 x 100 recover
1 x 100 critiqued swim
2 x 100 cool down
Total: 1400 meters

Tonight, I hit the gym for a spin class to burn off the Double Quarter Pounder I had yesterday (oh the shame!).


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