Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tools, Toys and Trash: Scott Hand Wipes

I want to start a new regular feature on this blog. I will review products that I think could be useful for a triathlete or other endurance athletes. Now I know that lots of blogs review products, and I'm not sure that we need another review of a tri bike, powermeter or the latest nutrition supplement. Perhaps I will review some of these types of items, but what I am really interested in are items that are not designed to serve the triathlete, and that these athletes might not know about, but still could be useful.

First off I want to say that unless otherwise stated I have not received any promotional consideration for any of the items I review unless I specifically state as such. I have purchased these items off the shelf just like anyone else.

My rating system will work like this. Every item is either ranked as a tool, toy or trash. Tools are useful items that help you get your workout done, help you get fitter, faster or more comfortable. These are the must have items.

The next rating is toy. These are the items that are fun, may have a motivational component and probably are all geeked up, but they won't get you across the finish line any faster.

The last rating is trash. This stuff is just no good or at least is not worth the price.

Ok. Simple enough. So what is the first item I am going to review . . . Scott Hand Wipes. What?! Hand wipes. Yes, hand wipes. These things rock!

If you work on your bike (and you should) you will get your hands greasy. It is just the reality of the triathlete's life that you are going to drop a chain or adjust that brake or derailer and get your hands covered in grease. Bike grease is usually horribly difficult to remove. With lots of scrubbing and ten minutes later you might get it all off in the sink. But Scotts Hand Wipes will take that grease off in seconds. It is amazing! These wipes are made for shop use and you can get them at your local hardware store in a tub of 30 pieces. Basically they are cloth wipes impregnated with what appears to be a citrus degreaser. It is mild on your hands but cuts through the grease immediately.

Another great use for these wipes is cleaning your handlebar tape. If you drop a chain during a ride or have to change a flat you probably will get grease on your hands and then get that grease onto your bar tape. If you have black tape you probably can't see it, but if you have a light colored bar tape like me then they don't stay light and quickly turn black. I have tried Simple Green and other degreasers on the bar tape and it works a bit, but not very well. The Scott Hand Wipes however takes it right off just like that.

Less time cleaning, more time riding. Definitely going to make you faster.

Scott Hand Wipes -- Rating: Tool



Blogger cdnhollywood said...

Amen! While I don't use these specific wipes, I carry baby wipes with me at all my races. Chain grease, sunscreen, mud - you name it, these things are a savior!

1:09 PM  

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